About Us

It all started when my spouse and I, after being together for 14 years, welcomed a new addition to our family - our daughter Samyra in Aug 2015. We got pregnant while on vacation, back home to India from the US. I was elated with the news but also fiercely protective of my expecting baby and apprehensive towards the products available to her, which contain harmful chemicals, alcohol, parabens, etc. The truth dawned on us - no brands in India were catering to parents, to safe baby and maternity products.

After returning to the US, We did painstaking research, and testing for several brands before Nuluv commenced and took flight! A safe haven and a positive ecosystem, Nuluv serves as a place for nurturing the nurturer and their little one back home in India. We want expectant mom, parents and their baby to enjoy this joyful and pleasurable phase of life, by bringing you the world’s safest products from respected international brands and making them available to you in India so that you, your family and your little peanut gets only the best!

We ensure that you don’t compromise on your child’s need anymore!

Our Values

We want to empower moms and parents to make informed and wise decisions for themselves and their little one. We enforce creativity and imagination in everything we do.

Our values stem from the core concerns, aspiring, would-be and new parents are faced with. We care for the holistic well-being of mothers, newborns and kids.

Our Mission

  • To ensure every, would be or new parent feels safe, secure and personally taken care of and ensure every mother, father and child feels empowered.
  • To help provide a safe and healthy environment during the most crucial and beautiful phase of one’s life.
  • To be the most trusted knowledge base in the maternity and childcare sector.
  • To make an adaptive brand which understands the needs of its customers and innovates to develop curated solutions