Diaper Care Bundle

USDA Certified Organic Diaper Care Bundle

Nature's Baby Organic
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USDA Certified Organic Diaper Care Bundle
USDA Certified Organic Diaper Care Bundle

In stock

INR 1,599.00

    Quick Overview :

    Nature’s Baby Organics Bath Care Bundle includes USDA Certified Organic Baby Powder & Diaper Ointment. Perfect combination of incredibly absorbent powder & S

    Nature's Baby Organics USDA Certified Baby Powder is incredibly absorbent and keeps your baby dry and comfortable until the next diaper change! When it comes to soothing the skin, nothing surpasses this dusting powder. Great healing and prevention! Finish diaper changes with a delightful, feather-soft puff of powder. Moms, dads and babies everywhere have fallen in love with our Silky Dusting Powder! This is because it is incredibly absorbent in order to keep baby dry and comfortable until the next diaper change while also being 100% fragrance and talc-free.It is safe and gentle enough for all infants, even newborns, as it is made out of nothing but USDA certified organic ingredients like Tapioca Starch. And to further soothe and calm irritated skin, it contains certified organic Aloe and Chamomile. Dust over baby’s bottom to absorb wetness and relieve chafing.It’s important to note that this dusting powder isn’t only for babies. Any member of the family can benefit from using it as well when they need to quickly freshen up after a day in the heat or following a strenuous workout.

    Nature’s Baby Organics USDA Certified Diaper Ointment promotes healthy, smooth skin. Organic Calendula extract, Organic Tamanu oil, and organic Chickweed extract promotes healthy, smooth skin, keeping your cherished little one in cooing comfort. You’ll love the way it makes baby feel, naturally.

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