Bundles of Joy

For Babies & Kids

Happy Baby Christmas Bundle

Keep your little one happy and cooing with our natural organic USA manufactured premium skincare range containg 70% USDA certified organic ingredients. The gentle shampoo and wash has a yummy tangerine fragnance which makes your baby fresh and rejuvenated. The diaper ointment and dusting powder combination treats and soothes lil baby bums.

Product Price: INR 2,997/-, Bundle Price: INR 1,999/-

Pamper Baby & Kids Christmas Bundle

Gift premium USA manufactured skincare for babies & kids made with high quality plant-based ingredients. Pamper your kids at bath with moisturizing & nourishing BABO shampoo, body wash & lotion containing oatmilk & calendula. Protect them with the stylish glide on sportstick SPF 30 containing natural minerals.

Product Price: INR 4,097/-, Bundle Price: INR 2,499/-