Introducing Tummy Time to Babies

Tummy time is the time that baby spends on his stomach while awake and supervised. Young babies need more time spend on their tummies to enhance strong neck muscle and gross motor skills. It is an equally important milestone in the baby's overall development. It also helps to prevent flat head syndrome, alleviates gas pain in developing babies and helps master head control. Here are some tips to introduce tummy time to babies:

  • Set up a soft safe place, like a blanket or tummy time mat. The floor is an ideal space for your baby's tummy time. You can also lay down the baby face down on your chest or stomach which he might even enjoy more.
  • You should always start slowly and gradually increase tummy time.
  • You can offer him or her extra support by placing bolsters and blankets, but make sure not to turn these supports into hindrances.
  • Lay around some of his favorite toys. AS he would want to reach out those toys it will also befit him strengthening his muscles which he would use to scoot or crawl later.
  • Encourage your baby by showing him or her how to do it. Your baby will imitate you and learn this new milestone.
  • Make eye contact and sing a song or tell a story to keep him or her engaged
  • You can use mirrors to show your baby his or her reflection, which will not only fascinate him but keep him motivated.

In the beginning, play with baby on his tummy two to three times a day for about three to five minutes each session and then gradually increase the time as he/she gets stronger. You should always ensure safety while introducing tummy time to babies. The right time to start tummy time to your baby is as soon as he or she is ready. Some babies love tummy time, and some hate it, but tummy time is as necessary as walking, crawling or sitting.