10 Creative Baby Shower Ideas


When you prepare yourself to bring a new life to this world, your loved ones around you too are excited along with you. There is a natural curiosity in everyone to know the gender of the baby. There are various things one can do in baby showers to make the guessing game a lot more fun and keep the excitement going till the time the baby finally decides to make its entrance. Here are some creative baby shower games one can use to get all the near and dear ones involved in the excitement of the arrival of the little bundle of happiness and let them decide whether they are team girl or team boy!

Make a Punch

Serve colorful punches for your baby shower guest- pink punch for the girl and blue punch for the boy. It is a fun and one can choose which drink to take!

Cotton Candy

Same as the punch, you can use a blue cotton candy for a boy and a pink one for a girl.

Smoke Bomb

You can also reveal the baby's gender by letting loose a blue or a pink colored smoke bomb in the party.

Bake a Cake

You can either order or bake a cake, with pink or blue filling inside so that when you cut it in the party, the gender of the child is revealed.

Magic Hat

You can place two pieces of cloth under a hat- pink and blue. Then act like its the hat's decision whether it will be a boy or a girl and pick out the cloth!

Cookies and Truffles

You can bake or order cookies or truffles in pink and blue colors, and ask the guests, one by one, to pick up one.

Dress Code

You and your partner can choose to dress in pink or blue, and the guests will automatically take their guesses.

Holi Powder

Borrowing from the festival of Holi, another creative idea is to ask your guests to show up in white attire and providing an ample supply of pink and blue gulal.

If you want to do something unique and exciting for your beloved guests, the options are never-ending. In India, since gender disclosure is banned, you can just have fun by asking your loved ones to pick their gender guess, while they wait for the baby to arrive. This can be a fun way to spark the guesses and later, when the baby arrives, you can compare which one of them got it right!