Tips To Keep Your Kids Screen Time On Check

Children tend to spend a lot of time on screens nowadays. As their minds are impressionable but naïve and unable to understand the difference between what is good and what is bad, it is important for the parents to limit their screen times. This is particularly important in order to keep their habits in check and make sure they are not overly attached to the screens and miss out on other lovely experiences that life has to offer.
Here are some of the ways to limit your kid's screen time:


Active participation in screen time can substantially beneficial in keeping a close watch of what your kid is watching or consuming, while you can jump in to explain to them whenever you feel they are not understanding. It can be a fun bonding activity and also, you will be in the know about what your child like to watch and what not. AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) guidelines for children under 6 suggest that the parents should also participate in the screen time with your child, and keep the communication flowing during the activity.

Setting Limits

Settling limits to screen timings is imperative as it can be difficult for some kids to break away from the screen when their time elapses. However, The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that there should be no more than one to two hours of screen time per day, and a child younger than two should not be having screen time at all. Setting certain rules in your household as per your best judgment is recommended in order to maintain a balance between your kid's entertainment and wellbeing.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Children should be encouraged to go outdoors and have real-world fun, instead of sitting in a corner and staring at screens. This will help them to understand the world around them better. Encourage outdoor games like field games, treasure hunt, and cycling. This will get them moving and a fresh breath of air is great for their mind and body.

Internet Safety

The Internet is an exciting but a scary place, even though it provides many fine educational and entertainment opportunities for the kids, it is filled with a dark side lurking just around the corner. About a 90 percent of children online was subjected to mean behavior on social media! Educate your child about what is wrong and right in the online world and keeping online interaction supervised or protected is an essential step.

Notice Your Child's Behaviour

It is necessary to touch base with your child and keep a close eye on any probable change of behavior before, during, and after consuming digital media. Any change can be a sign of the influence of any content which is not age-appropriate or of a good quality, social media pressures or online bullying. In case you notice any signs, it is best to talk to your child directly and address the topic. In severe cases, you might also have to consult a therapist.

No Screen Zone

There are some areas of the home, which should be declared as a no-screen zone, for example, the dining room, the prayer room, the bedroom, etc. This way, the restriction will limit the usage of cell phones, both for the adults and kids. Make sure you set a good example and follow the rules too so that there no loopholes.

In contemporary times, it is not advisable to stop screen timings for children altogether, but keeping a check on the time spent can be helpful. If screen time is stopped at once, there is a fair chance of your child growing stubborn and rebellious. This is why it is necessary to make a healthy habit of restricting the in screen timings for the young minds.