How to Stop Making These Diaper Mistakes With Your Baby

Motherhood is the most beautiful phase of a woman's life. Whether you become a mother for the very first or for the fifth time, nursing a baby can be a learning experience for a mother, as no two babies are same. Diapers can come to rescue when nursing a child as it keeps a baby clean and hygienic. But, a lot of times, there are some common mistakes made while using a diaper.

Here are commonly made diaper mistakes and ways to avoid them:

Let the baby's skin breathe

Always let the baby's skin breathe, as baby’s skin is very sensitive. Using diapers all the time may increase the chance of rashes and infections in a baby. This is why there should be enough diaper free period in a baby's life.

Choose the right diaper

You should always choose the right diaper for the baby. There are specially designed diapers for both girls and boys. Also, the softness, absorption ability and quality of the material of the diaper should be checked thoroughly before using, as your baby deserves only the best.

Being ready to deal with used diapers

You should always be equipped and prepared to change soiled diapers outside your home. A disposable bag, some extra diapers, wipes and diaper cream in your diaper bag can help you feel prepared for any diaper emergency. To ensure a more extended period of ease, you should change the diaper just before stepping out of the house.

Don't keep the diaper on for long hours

Using the same diaper for a long period can cause rashes and discomfort in the baby. Keep checking your baby’s diaper and don't keep the diaper on for more than a few hours. No matter how good quality your diaper is, it is never advisable to keep the babies in diapers for long hours.

Moisturise after Cleaning

Being changed and wiped multiple times a day and missing on the important step of moisturizing the area can cause skin issues for the baby. Proper moisturization will ensure healthy, soft skin and prevent rashes. You can use a good diaper cream and especially those with natural ingredients will prevent the exposure from harmful chemicals and provide additional benefit to your baby’s skin.

Washing and drying

Since most Indian households use cloth diapers, it is important to take some precautions while handling them. It is advised that one washes the diapers with diluted soapy water and rinse them properly and dry them in direct sunlight. Any remaining moisture or fragments of detergent can cause harm to your baby’s skin.

Diapers can prove to be a boon to motherhood if used correctly. It can be a hassle-free way to keep the baby clean, only if certain measures are taken into account while using it. These are the little experiences and encounters that add up to form the beautiful picture of a lovely bond between a child and a mother.