How Can I Transition Baby To A Sippy Cup?

A sippy cup is usually a plastic cup designed to help a child to transit from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup. It makes a child independent while enhancing motor skills and boosting hand to mouth coordination skills. Most babies start using a sippy cup from six to nine months, and eventually leave the feeding bottle altogether by 12 months, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Here are some tips and tricks which can be used to introduce your baby to a sippy cup:


Show your baby how it is done. Show them the way around the sippy cup and let them figure out how to drink out of the cup properly. Show the child how to hold the cup and tip it for the liquid to come out. A simple show-and-tell can help the child understand the purpose of the new cup and how to use it.

Be patient

There might be some withdrawal tantrums, crying, and confusion involved in this transition, however; don't lose faith and keep trying. Be patient with the baby but be consistent, as there are probably going to be a lot of spilled drinks and frustration during this trial. Keep your cool and keep trying.

Hunt for the perfect one

Your baby might go through several sippy cups and reject them all, till they find the one they love. So don't bank on just one brand and try several options, before you find the perfect one for your little one, as the right cup can make all the difference for your child. There are hundreds of options available online nowadays!

Resisting Change

If your baby is too attached to the bottle and is resisting change, make sure you take baby steps and replace one bottle feed at a time, instead of replacing it all with the sippy cups at once. Soon when your baby starts liking the sippy cups, make a huge ordeal about the transition, complementing how she is a big girl now and ask her to bid goodbye to the bottles. This will give the child a closure and help her accept change as a part of growing up.

Try a straw

If the sprout of the sippy cup is not appealing your little one, try a straw instead and teach your baby how to suck through a straw. There are several sippy cups which comes with built-in straws, and it might be easier for the baby in comparison to the sprout. Let them figure out which one they like and stick to the one they prefer.

Try different beverage

Try initiating your child towards the sippy cup by offering a different beverage first. Maybe some orange juice or flavored milk will induce interest in the child enough for them to try the sippy cup. Some babies convert partially with different beverage preference for the cup and the bottle, however; it can work in encouraging your little one to try out the sippy cup!

You should always encourage your baby to be more independent, by administering a sippy cup as soon as the baby seems ready. A sippy cup can ensure lesser mess than bottle feeding and will give a sense of security to you. It will also eventually help the baby to transition from the sippy cup to a regular plastic cup. The transition can be a bit messy and tiresome but will eventually be a fruitful, both for you and the baby.