Fun Finger Foods

Introducing finger foods can be a fun way to meet the nutritional requirements of young kids. It is the first food kids hold with their little hands, they enjoy it much more than the bigger meals and it additionally helps to enhance their motor skills. Finger foods should be tasty and nutritious enough to keep the 5 pm hunger pangs away.

Here are some fun finger food ideas:

Hara bhara kabab: Hara bhara kabab is a quick and nutritious finger food with spinach, peas, and potato. It is a brilliant way to incorporate veggies into your kid's diet and looks interesting enough to intrigue the young minds.

Chicken Tikka: It is a popular Indian snack which can be served with mint chutney or tomato sauce. However, tone the spices down so that the little ones can have it without much trouble.

Sweet Chapati Roll-ups: Upgrade the humble chapati with crushed nuts and coconut filling and you can make delicious sweet parathas. Arrange them in bite-sized rolls and these will disappear in no time.

Fried Idlis: Frying regular idlis can make it a scrumptious snack for your young one, which can be coupled with a dip. You can also make oats idli if you want to increase the nutritional value by several notches.

Onion Rings: Even onions can be put to good use by frying after dipping in besan and salt. They work surprisingly well with ketchup or a dip and can put the hunger pangs away.

Ragi Vada: Vada can be made from ragi by using the same recipe as pakoda, which can be a great snack and is pretty nutritious source of calcium for your little ones.

Vegetable Cutlet: Cutlets can be made from simple Indian vegetables with nutritional values and are fun to eat for toddlers and adults alike.

Pan Rolls: Be it chicken or vegetable; pan rolls are easily prepared finger food which is tasty along with nutritious goodness.

Fruits and vegetable skewers: Arrange fruits and vegetables in skewers in an attractive arrangement and they will be a guaranteed hit within the little ones. This is also a sneaky way to get those essential fruits and vegetables in.

Finger foods are fun but if prepared the right way, can be nutritious for the little ones, while keeping those hunger pangs away. Finger foods should be given in a limited amount, however; giving your child fun finger food options can encourage them to try new food items and help them expand their taste and figure out what they like and what they don’t.