Do This To Help Your Baby Gently Wean Off Feeding At Night

Babies, unlike adults, do not go to sleep as soon as they get to the bed at night. They have many recurring issues like a wet diaper, hunger, feeling hot or cold, and other things which they cannot communicate directly. Night weaning can be a great way to keep your baby in solace while he or she sleeps through the night.

Here are some tips to get started with night weaning:

Breastfeed during daytime:

 This is one of the important things you should start with to ensure that your baby gets most of his hunger needs met during the day. You can start by feeding him or her more during the day, than during nighttime. This helps to get him or her enough sleep with proper nutrition.


Get help from your Partner: 

Your partner plays an important role in your baby's development. Putting the baby to the bed is one of the tasks that can be easily taken up by the father. This will help build a stronger bond between your partner and the baby and will also at the same time provide some relaxing time to the mom.


Have different beds: 

You can use a separate bed for your baby (like a crib or a cot or a bassinet) to ensure that both of you get enough sleep. This helps the baby to grow independently without the need for constant nursing. You can either get bed partitioned or put your baby to sleep in a crib.


Talk to your baby and wish goodnight:

It is proven that babies get used to certain words depicting its meaning at a very early age. Start using words like 'goodnight' or 'bedtime' to get your baby used to these phrases, which will indicate that it is time to go to bed.


Cover your baby:

You should always cover baby while putting him or her to sleep. This will help them feel like they are swaddled up or are being held by you and soothe them enough to go back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. Try swaddling in a swaddling blanket which is specifically designed to make the baby feel comfortable.

Night weaning is a vital milestone in your baby's development which ensures that your baby receives adequate nutrition with the proper amount of sleep. This will help you feel a bit more like yourself after having the baby latch on you for months. It will also help your baby grow accustomed to not being in your contact at all times. Weaning can come with its own challenges, but with a bit of patience and tact, one can handle it well enough. Though raising a baby requires some efforts from the parents but these are the moments you, as a parent will remember for the rest of the life, which makes it all the more beautiful.