Creative meal ideas for toddlers

Kids can be fussy eaters and cooking them healthy food while still keeping it fun seems like a daunting task. Providing them adequate nutrition can be a challenge as they tend to stick to certain types of food, most of which is not very healthy.

Here are ten creative meal ideas for toddlers to make them happy about eating healthy food-

Macaroni Sandwich

The leftover macaroni is layered between slices of buttered bread and grilled until golden brown. This makes an amazing healthy meal.

Banana Fritters

Marinated bananas are coated with lemon and sea salt, along with bread crumbs and desiccated coconut and then baked to perfection.

Stuffed Parantha

Stuff regular paranthas with vegetables and make a healthy meal out of it. This is a sneaky way to get the daily dose of veggies in your child’s diet without a tantrum.

Beetroot Roti

When beetroot is incorporated into chapattis, the bright red colored rotis look very inviting, making the kids curious about trying out the food.

Oats Idli

Prepared with roasted oats, and various other ingredients, these idlis make for a great healthy lunch box meal.

Jaggery Parantha

Parathas made from jaggery yogurt can be very healthy for kids, especially during winters. This will also keep the sweet tooths happy

Colorful Dosa

You can make colorful dosas by mixing chutney or vegetable puree with the dosa batter like tomato chutney, mint chutney, carrot puree, etc.

Vegetable Pasta

This is a could be a nutritious dish if you use whole wheat pasta, add lots of colorful vegetables and use healthy low-fat cheese such as mozzarella.This healthy pasta provides the goodness of fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and protein to your child.

Multigrain Base Pizza

You can replace the normal pizza base with a healthy multigrain base.You can even use a fresh pesto sauce of a homemade tomato-based marinara sauce instead of and add some healthy toppings.

Sweet Corn Bhel

Corn served under the blanket of tangy chutney, lime juice, and green coriander. This one serves as an excellent evening snack.

These meal ideas can be carried in tiffin breaks or as an evening snack, keeping the ever-present hunger pangs away. Since these meals tend to be on the tastier side, there is a good chance that the tiffin will come back empty. Thus, you can be assured that your young one is getting sufficient nutrition with these healthy meals