5 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is followed by a lot of dos and don ts. But there are very few things a pregnant woman should be cautious of or avoid during pregnancy. Everyone wants well being of their unborn child and this why is it necessary to follow these things and tips to ensure a healthy pregnancy along with the well being of the mother. Here are  of them:
Most of the women during pregnancy can continue with their everyday activities and are required to make minor lifestyle changes. These changes are required to be done because the well-being of both the developing fetus and the woman are of primary concern during pregnancy. So, let’s discuss 5 things pregnant women should not do and the reason for these things being problematic-

Avoid heavy intake of caffeine

It can raise blood pressure and, heart rate., and you have to visit the loo. Also, caffeine moves through the placenta and can affect fetus causing fetal alcohol syndrome responsible for creating health issues like intellectual disabilities, physical abnormalities, behavioral problems, poor growth, seizures and developmental delays enhances the possibility of the baby contracting diabetes.

Avoid unprescribed medication

Do not take medications without discussing with your health practitioner. Certain medicines may have specific dosage and should not be bought over-the-counter.

Avoid wearing heels

Do not wear stilettos and fancy heels that are three-inch or more, such as wedges, platform heels, and kitten heels. Heels may make you troublesome as the body’s center of pressure changes. Also, you would seem better in flip-flops due to the swelled ankles.

Avoid petting cats

Try to avoid petting cats, as the feces can carry a rare parasitic disease, toxoplasmosis. Even if you do, use gloves while changing and clean your hands after that.

Be aware of passive smoking

Do not inhale secondhand smoke. It is associated with many complications like cancers, premature labor, miscarriage, low birth weight children, sudden infant death symptoms, and learning or behavioral problems as the baby grows.

Pregnancy brings in numerous physiological and psychological shifts in a woman. And you need to be extremely careful about everything to do and not to do. You need to be adapted for certain unexpected circumstances, but the deal is to know how to keep yourself clear of some unwanted worries.