10 Playdate Ideas to Make You The Coolest Parent!

Playdates can be a great idea to unwind your child and his or her friends and let them have fun together. It not only enhances their social skills but will also make you a cool parent. Playdates are great ways to befriend new people along with having fun for both you and your kid.

Here are 10 playdate ideas to make you a great parent:

Color Spray Spree

Give out white shirts to the kids along with color sprays and watch them turn into artists, playing with the shirts as their canvas.

Treasure Hunt

Print treasure maps and let the kids search for treasure with the help of the map, in the garden and other areas to unleash their Indian Jones mode.


It can be a great way for your child to learn the importance of sharing food and space with other children of his or her age.

Budding Scientists

You can bring science experiment kits and watch the children turn into experimenting scientists. However, make sure they are wearing gloves and goggles and are working under your supervision.

Museum or Zoo Day

A museum can be a great place for the children to learn and explore new things and artifacts. Also going to the zoo and seeing different animals can help expand their mind.

Local Library

Learning through having fun can be a great experience. In this digital world, reading is heavily overshadowed by the television shows and digital games. Make an event out of going to the nearby library. You can even introduce the concept of a book club to them, and have the neighborhood kids come up with their own book club!

Color Splash

This can be done on a hot day where the children can play with water and skin friendly colors in the garden.

Building Blocks

You can bring building blocks and arrange a competition to build something valuable and beautiful out of it.

Movie Time

A nice children’s movie can be a great time for the kids to hang out together and relax. Go the extra mile and make a batch of popcorn and turn off the lights to give it a ‘movie theatre’ experience.


This can be messy, but with lesser and simpler ingredients, it can be fun to watch the children turn into MasterChefs and come up with their own dishes and creations.

Playdates are great if you can organize it with lesser kids and plan ahead of time. You should always maintain your cool and be ready for anything as each kid will have their own problem, and it can be a challenge to attend everyone at the same time. However, remember it also a time for your child to enjoy and interact and he/ she will always cherish these fun times.