10 Healthy Takes On Fast Food

If we all start being honest, we all like food from outside from time to time, irrespective of our age. It not only relishes our taste buds but also helps to break the mundanity of the daily meals. The appeal for the fast food will always be present, however; we can put our own spin on our fast food so that they don't necessarily have to be unhealthy.There are so many alternative ways to prepare fast food, which can turn it into a nutritious meal with a few little tweaks in the conventional ingredients.

Here are ten healthy takes on fast food which you can try for your little one:

Tacos with jowar (Sorghum) flour

You can replace the outer taco shell with jowar flour instead of regular flour, and fill up with veggies like capsicum, onions, tomato, onions, carrots or chicken, and also black beans to make into a healthy and filling option.

Pav Bhaji

You switch the regular pav bread with multigrain bread and add a lot of healthy veggies like green peas, cauliflowers, potato, carrots, french beans, to increase its goodness and make it a healthy snack.

Multigrain Pizza

Just like switching regular Pav bread, replace a regular pizza crust with multigrain bread crust and enjoy the taste with added health. You can add veggies as toppings on the pizza, grate some cheese on the top and it will be a great hit!

Ragi (finger millet) Pancake

Ragi is a good source of calcium which especially essential for kids during their growing phase. Create amazing pancakes and crepes with ragi flour and fill it up fruits or vegetables, depending on your child’s preferences. You can also make ragi cookies and add nuts to it as a great handy on-the-go option for kids.


By replacing regular bread with multigrain or whole wheat bread, you can make a club sandwich, with your choice of fillings and sauce. It is a great way of sneaking in vegetables which they generally avoid!

Sweet Potato Fries

Replace normal potatoes with sweet potatoes and make yummy french fries which will be easier on your conscience. Sweet potatoes contain more vitamins A & C than regular potatoes. Bake them instead of frying to retain the nutritional values.


Bhelpuri is a fantastic snack that can be loaded with extra vegetables to boost its nutritional value. Topped with lemon juice and spices, it can a lip-smacking snack and much healthier than bhujia or chips.

Tofu/Paneer burger

Replace the regular burger bread with whole wheat bread and make the patty with tofu, beans, nuts, and veggies with your choice of sauce. You can paneer too as an easier available and equally tasty option.

Bran Whole Wheat Muffins

Who doesn’t like to eat muffins? If your kids are one of the muffin fans here’s a good healthy option for them. These sweet darlings are made wheat bran, milk, and applesauce to replace fat. Here is the complete recipe for it.

Dahi Bhalla

This commonly found street food is made with the goodness of yogurt and lentils, which can also be loaded with antioxidants and minerals by using grated beetroot, coriander leaves, tomato and pomegranate to boost digestion and overall health

Lentil fritters

You can bake regular fritters with lentils like masoor dal and add your favorite veggies to make it into small bites. A perfect snack for those early evening hunger pangs!

These snack options are great to relish your and your little one’s midday hunger pangs, without taking away the nutritional value. These are easy to prepare and needs the basic ingredients which are commonly found in Indian kitchens. Swapping certain unhealthy ingredients with some healthier ones, you can prepare fast food in your kitchen without compromising on the health factor.