10 Essential Items for Your Hospital Bag

The long wait is over, and now you are preparing lists and agendas for the big day. The anticipation of the great day never seems to end. It is very important to be ready with the required things well in advance before heading to the hospital for delivery because when the final time comes, you will not be in an ideal position to prepare your hospital bag. It is always good to be hospital ready with the rightly packed hospital bag.

Here are ten essential items for your hospital bag:

Nursing Bra

If you are planning to breastfeed, then having one or two nursing bras packed is essential. It is important to buy a bigger size as the breasts are likely to swell up after delivery. Also, nursing pads would be especially helpful if you are planning to breastfeed.

Baby Diapers and Wipes

Be equipped with all the essentials with baby diapers and baby wipes, which will not only reduce the cleaning hassle but also keep the baby in a hygienic and healthy.

Headphones and Camera

The waiting for the actual labor to begin can be a long pause and thus, putting your headphones on with some favorite relaxing music, will help to make the whole process much easier. Also, you can ask your partner or any other family member start clicking pictures of all the precious moments because they will never come again.

Comfortable Clothes and Slippers

It is necessary to wear your comfy pajamas or labor gown and slippers to move about it in the room and go to the toilet. Keeping your own clothes ready is essential because you may not feel comfortable in the hospital gown. Also for post-delivery keep some shirts which are front buttoned to assist you to breastfeed your little one with much comfort.

Necessary Documents

It is essential to bring your insurance cards and other necessary documents like ID, credit cards, etc. You may not find it in the last moments and thus keeping it ready is essential.

Baby Clothes

And most importantly carry comfortable baby clothes to change every day. The clothes should be according to the weather conditions in your area.


It is necessary to take your face wash, cleanser, lotion, lip balm, etc. with you, as you might need them after delivery.

Sanitary Napkin

The good news is that periodic cramps will not accompany your bleeding. Thus, you can take your regular sanitary napkins to the hospital to use after delivery.

A Good Outfit for Both You and the Baby

You and your baby will need a good pair of clothes to come home from the hospital. Apart from the hospital clothes, keep two nice outfits ready for both of you.

Extra Food

Since you will be deprived of food for a long period, you can keep your favorite snack ready to eat after delivery. This will be really appreciated at the time of the need.

These are some of the ideas on what to keep in your hospital bag. You may want to make your own list according to your needs and preferences. Go on and customize everything because this is your special moment and you are the only boss. However, keeping the bag ready to go will save you a lot of stress at the time of the delivery.