The birth of Belli

While expecting their first child, the founders of Belli became very discouraged trying to find safe and effective skincare. This prompted the husband and wife team to marry their expertises, Medical Doctor and Beauty Expert, to develop Belli, a brand that provides beautiful skin and peace of mind to women at any age or stage, including pregnancy and nursing. The founders chose the brand name Belli because it is a shorter version of the Italian word, bellissimo meaning very beautiful, and so accurately describes pregnancy, nursing as a new mom, and the entire motherhood journey.

Belli Today

Since the birth of Belli in 2002, awareness around the importance of skincare ingredient safety has increased. As a result, women at all life stages and ages are using Belli for its pure ingredients, effective solutions, and luxurious formulations. Belli Believers are young professionals who haven’t thought about children, women who are trying to conceive, expecting moms, nursing moms, and seasoned moms looking for pure and effective skincare for themselves or for their teens or tweens. Belli continues to work with Dr. Rachel Nazarian, M.D., F.A.A.D, to use medical research to determine which ingredients to avoid during pregnancy and nursing and which to include to get effective results.

Belli recognizes that there is a lot of information around ingredients and their safety, especially during pregnancy and nursing. Belli carefully considers many factors when evaluating the safety of an ingredient. If you feel like you need additional information about an ingredient and why do or do not use it, we would love to hear from you.